Customized ESD-designs

ESD-injection molding

plastic components

and ESD-plastics technology

Co-operation with our partner Spritzguss-Technicum Reuth
All from one source:
  • Mold construction
  • Serial production of your plastic injection molded components
  • ESD-certification of your parts.


Based on your product idea, drawing or sample, the experts at Reuth GmbH design the most economical injection mold for you. Then all mold components are being manufactured and assembled at their own tool manufacture.

The mold is tested and verified at the Reuth Injection Molding Technicum. Your serial parts are then also manufactured there. We also provide you with the options of ESD-certification as well as the building of a consignment warehouse.

Your advantages:
  • All from one source
  • Parts availability within 48 hours
  • Fixed item price
  • Stable supply chain
  • ESD-certified components


Please feel free to contact us, we will create the proper concept for you according to your specifications.

Together with you we optimize your value chain.

That is why we are here.

ESD-plastic panels

Due to its extremely low electrical resistances, the original material “S” ®plus + ESD, which is produced on the basis of PE-UHMW TG 1.2, has optimal conductivity.

Complete voltage reduction for earthed components at maximum speed enables non-sparking and therefore safe work.

Thus the material offers an inexpensive alternative to carbon-filled PTFE.

Possible uses
  • In the automotive and semiconductor industry, for example, as a full-face sliding surface or work surface underlay,
  • As a workpiece carrier for sensitive electronic components
Special properties
  • Very good conductivity (surface resistance ≤ 1E + 4 ohms)
  • Surface tension relief in less than 0.1 seconds
  • Inexpensive alternative to carbon-filled PTFE
  • Suitable for devices and machines that are subject to Directive 94/9 / EC (ATE X 95)
  • Approved under food law (EU and FDA)


Further explanation:

Slide-optimized and silicone-free plastic as the ideal sliding partner for POM plastic chains in the automotive sector.

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